I Liked the Book Better

Kevin tricks Lise into reading/watching the works of Robert A. Heinlein (despite the fact that he's a sexist garbage fire [guess who's writing the post today]) with the story "All You Zombies," written in 1959 and made into the 2015 movie Predestination directed by Michael and Robert Spierig and written by them and Heinlein. 


Listen to "I Can Do Nothing For the Woman in the Air Conditioned Room" by Sara Backer, part of NonBinary Review Issue #19, Dante's Inferno.

Worth a Click

It’s time at last for the BEST FILMS OF 2018, with special guest Will Link and appearances by Megan Salinas, Jonathan Hammond, Kolleen Carney-Hoefner, Sean Woodard, and Donald McCarthy!

Ordinary Grace

Verbose filmmaker and all around cool dude Harris Smith joins Matt and Sean for a discussion of being a prayer warrior, being born autistic, and the Church of U2.


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