Worth a Click

Another divisive Feature Presentation as our hosts clash over the John Cho tech thriller SEARCHING, 2ble Feature matches one of the masters with one of his greatest fans, and we preview upcoming fall releases by trying to determine if Lawrence will be wooed by them. 


Listen to "Badger's Bell Collection" by Jenna Jaco, part of NonBinary Review Issue #18, The Wind in the Willows. 

I Liked the Book Better

Lise and special guest Mike Marino examine Miami Blues, the novel that introduces Miami detective Hoke Moseley, written by Charles Willeford and published in 1984, then made into the 1990 film written and directed by George Armitage.

Ordinary Grace

Writer, teacher, and Nic Cage superfan Joanna Nelius joins the conversation for a discussion on Catholicism and quantum mechanics, being confirmed by Cardinal Roger Mahony, and returning to traditions you’ve abandoned. 

The Literary Whip

Lise and Kolleen Hoepfner explore "nervous habits," a collection by Cara Neel, submitted to Zoetic Press for their Viable chapbook series. 


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