I Liked the Book Better

Climb aboard the Bad Decision Express as Lise and Kolleen go over the train wreck that is House of Sand and Fog, written by Andre Dubus III and published in 1999, and made into the 2003 film written by Vadim Perelman and Shawn Lawrence Otto and directed by Vadim Perelman. 

Worth a Click

Jordan Peele’s latest cerebral horror show, Us, is our Featured Presentation on the latest episode of Worth A Click. In VERSUS, we argue the merits of black & white films versus color, and one of us is supremely pissed off at Toy Story 4 (it’s Ryan). All that and more on the latest WAC. 

Ordinary Grace

Verbose filmmaker and all around cool dude Harris Smith joins Matt and Sean for a discussion of being a prayer warrior, being born autistic, and the Church of U2.


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