matt headshotMatt Guerrero is the founding editor of Drunk Monkeys, an online magazine combining literature and film criticism. As a male in his late 30’s residing in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, he has been issued two podcasts: Worth A Click and Ordinary Grace.

Lise QuintanaLise Quintana is the head of Zoetic Press, and as of right now, the only girl on the page. She’s got an MFA from Antioch University, and has had work published in Drunk Monkeys, Red Fez, SLAB, The Weekenders, Extract(s), Role Reboot, Instant Magazine, and a bunch of other places she can’t remember because she’s just not that organized. She co-hosts I Liked the Book Better, The Literary Whip, and hosts Alphanumeric.

ryan headshotRyan Roach lives a life of quiet desperation, punctuated occasionally by wild bouts of creativity. Also, loves movies. He co-hosts Worth a Click.


Kevin SharpKevin Sharp is a native of Japan and New Mexico who currently lives in Northern California. Besides his screenwriting work, his prose has appeared online on The Weeklings, 100 Word Story, and Fiction Attic Press; and in print in The First Line journal, Bookmarks magazine, and the anthology Nothing Short Of… While he has technically grown up, Kevin has yet to outgrow Looney Tunes, The Price is Right, or comic books. Deep down, he still thinks that working with apes would be the best job in the world. He co-hosts I Liked the Book Better and The Literary Whip. Find out more at

lvh headshotLawrence Von Haelstrom is a humble man, handsome in looks and spirit. He can be reflexively contrary, but he is working on that. He is a hobbyist film critic and has no claim to any authority on the subject. His favorite board game is Agricola. He co-hosts Worth a Click.

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